Isvahl Inaj

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It’s an interesting framework. I also would likely term myself an anti-realist, but I take a more neurological approach. Morals are essentially evolved predisopositions humans have (like racism, and anger), that served as heuristics to enable societal harmony and consequent gene reproduction. But i argue that there’s an empathetic neurological base that is more unwavering than moral beliefs and can be dissected and used to build consensus. I argue that there are, in a sense, implicit life goals that are already programmed into all of us (humans mostly, without a deep understanding of other primates/eukaryotes). Namely (as I define these terms in my book the Upsilon Factor), the requirement to remain below the tolerance threshold (Omega) of suffering, the need to remain above the survival-choosing threshold (Alpha) of Joy, the impetus to reduce global empathy-weighted suffering (Upsilon), and the desire to maximize self Joy (Zeta) - in that order. People differ in the relative empathy weights but this order is i believe fairly universal and enables consensus more than moral beliefs.