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Hi! I'm Jack and I'm based in London.

I'm currently directing a documentary about farmed animal suffering and slaughterhouse workers, but the logline is more like, 'Son of a slaughterhouse worker uncovers the shocking trauma experienced by slaughterhouse workers, and the ones they kill."

It would be great to connect. I have a trailer and a pitch-deck I can share with you if you would like to learn more about my project. My email is jack@humanehancock.com

Thank you so much for writing this. It's terribly sad that the extreme suffering of farmed animals essentially goes unnoticed. It turns out that barn fires happen every year in the US. Last year, half a million chickens burned. The year before, nearly 700,000 burned. 

I recently published a YouTube video covering this story on my channel, inspired by Bentham's bulldog's post.