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I feel I tend towards self-deprecation which is a bias unconsidered, but that is just because I have depression and am abnormal in this respect to most (this statement is supposed to be funny in its irony - I apologise). I genuinely identfy with a lot of these self-inflating and other-deprecating tendencies, and this was very enlightening as I will now have in mind to identify them and the extent to which they are flawed.

  • An interesting case against our vacuous feelings towards being calculating about moral problems – we are not equipped to feel the weight of the world of the scale of the issues, so numbers are necessary in order to inform us as to what we should do.
  • An essential first reading for any aspiring philanthropists.

“Caring about equality means treating all death and suffering as a tragedy, not just that caused by specific diseases that we — by cruel twists of fate that thrust them into our field of view — happen to notice.” - very good.

I like the wording of "Be aware of our privilege and the seriousness of these issues". I think that sections encapsulated what this is about and what attracted me to the movement.