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When you get to scenario three where a nuclear submarine is operating under a private non-governmental organization I have to wonder about precedent for governments allowing fissile material into private control, especially absent a lot of the governmental controls that existing power plants have in place.

(You have a typo in figure 1, years not tears.)

I've found climbing is a really good way to keep in shape, it combines strength, endurance/cardio and balance while still being interesting and challenging enough to be enjoyable. Pretty cheap too, especially if you go outside.

I'm planning on starting an EA group at the University of Utah once I get back in January, and I need a good first meeting idea that will have broad appeal.

I was thinking that I could get someone who's known outside of EA to do a short presentation/question and answer session on Skype. Peter Singer is the obvious choice, but I doubt he'd have time (let me know if you think otherwise). Can anyone suggest another EA who might have name recognition among college students who haven't otherwise heard of EA?

Hi all. I'm a sophomore mechanical engineering student, planning on earning to give in either energy (nuclear or petroleum) or aerospace, depending on how the job market looks when I finish my master's/PHD. I've always considered myself a utilitarian, so it was really a relief when I found EA and realized that I could actually do as much good as possible, rather than constantly coming up with justifications as to why it couldn't work since no one else was doing it.

Right now I'm focused on getting through college, though I have been donating a percentage of my summer income for signaling and habit forming reasons. I haven't had a chance to do the deep research necessary to figure out where I stand on animal and far future considerations (philosophy isn't exactly my strong suit), so I'm currently giving to 80,000 Hours as a compromise, since it acts as a donation multiplier toward pretty much every field.

I'm pretty new to EA (about a year now), and I'm still trying to figure out what I can do besides earning to give.

In my spare time I enjoy outdoor activities like climbing and backpacking for cheap and healthy recreation.