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A Preliminary Model of Mission-Correlated Investing
  • The optimal allocation to mission hedging is proportional to: (Confidence: Likely)
    1. the correlation between the hedge and the mission target being hedged;
    2. the standard deviation of the mission target;
    3. your degree of risk tolerance;
    4. the inverse of the standard deviation of the hedge.

If you multiply 1, 3, and 4, you get beta (= the coefficient in a one factor linear regression from the hedge to the target). I think this means your notion of hedging is the same as the standard notion of hedging in finance.

The Effective Institutions Project is hiring

In the google form, I think you should have a clickable link that goes back to the google doc.

Also, if you can host the content of the google doc at a static web page, that's slightly better for passing people's "is this a real / trustworthy organization" filters.