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I think this is a good idea. Work-life balance is important and we as a community should be better coordinated around when to post and discuss drama. By coordinating on a time we can free up hundreds of hours by not having to obsessively refresh the forum.

One suggestion - perhaps you can use a large language model to detect dramatic posts and automatically re-schedule them for an approved drama-slot.

Here's a practical idea for community destruction - we can encourage EAs to all live together, work together, date each other, and socialize exclusively with other EAs. My theory of changes is that when interpersonal conflicts inevitably arise, they'll be amplified by this interconnected structure.

There's a lot of opportunity for leverage here. If you set up the structure correctly, the community will self-destruct on its own!

I agree. Musk showed us that you can cut head count at a tech company by 90 percent and everything turns out fine. If we truly care about cost effectiveness we should do the same for tech-focused EA orgs like LessWrong, EA Forum, Ought, MIRI, ARC and Redwood. Anthropic comes to mind as another example.

Ideally all EAs should fear for their jobs - this fear will encourage them to work harder. It's well known that EA jobs are competitive with many applicants. If they can't handle the pressure, we can replace them with others who can.

Exciting news! There are a few things I'd like clarification on.

How much did this cost? I understand they money didn't come from FTX sources, but where did it come from?

There isn't any cell reception in the back corner. Do you plan on fixing this?

I don't know if you have any plans for renovations, but please don't remove the drop ceiling! It absorbs echos and facilitates high-fidelity conversation.

I think catering at a conference venue might actually be this expensive.