James Perrin

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I agree that Intuition is certainly an important piece of the puzzle.

A lot of this makes me think of not only Nietzche but Jean Baudrillard, as well as Jose Ortega when he speaks of the fearlessness scientist and philosophers need in the coming times, and the idea of the "masses".

We must be just as careful of works of media such as Anne franks frankenstein as we are brave new world.

I feel like in order to make it to the true interplanetary and intergalactic periods we will not only need tech such as AI but perhaps a complete biological makeover, human engineering on the level of complete optimization with inter galactic space travel in mind. A man that is not only more selfless and hard to bore, but a man that can breath less air, drink less water—have a more intimate faith and understanding that existence craves itself, that it will crawl out of the nothingness of the cave as many times as it takes to bring itself into the light.