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I'm the author of Singularity Rising, Game Theory at Work, and a co-author of An Appeal to AI Superintelligence: Reasons to Preserve Humanity. I have a PhD from the University of Chicago and a J.D. from Stanford.


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Whistleblower protection is necessary when Abe provides evidence that Bill harmed Cindy; otherwise, Abe lacks incentive to help Cindy. It is less important when Abe defends himself against harm caused by Bill.

The illegal drug trade inflicts an enormous amount of harm on the world and this should be taken into account when considering the social harm of drug use. Plus, it is a very bad look for charities to openly tolerate employees using illegal drugs.

Fellowships where you seek people with excellent machine learning skills should be well-paid to attract talent, especially given how much such people can make doing capacity research.

While I have been interested in EA since the beginning, I feel like a cultural outsider. One thing that struck me was what seems to be a clear mistake you haven't acknowledged, which many might see as your most significant error: continuing to work with and trust someone who, according to your account, is a serious and long-term drug user.

I similarly had a positive experience with Drew creating The Econ Theory AI Alignment Prize. I was not prompted by anyone to comment on this.

(1) What is the probability of mankind, or a "good" successor species we turn into, surviving for the next 1000 years? (2) What is the probability of MIRI being the first organization to create an AGI smart enough to, say, be better at computer programming than any human?