Jamie Green

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Right now I am working on digital strategy and thought leadership @UNDP.

I also explore being human and how to do it better on my newsletter + podcast 🎙One Percent Wiser.

Before this, I have started a couple of companies, and also worked at the UN World Food programme.

In my free time I enjoy ⛵️ sailing, 🥋Brazilian Ju-jitsu and playing 🎻 music.

Feel free to send me a DM on Twitter if you want to say hi!


Hi all,

I am new to the forum, but not new to the ideas behind EA. I read Will's book back in 2015 when I met him in the US, and have been inspired to do the most good with my career. I have lurked on the forum for a while, but would like to meet more in the community so finally introducing myself. :)

I currently work on digital at the UNDP,  but also potentially open to new opportunities. 

I am curious to learn more about organisations working on longtermism policy research and advisory,  if there are any? 

I would love to connect with others working in the space especially if you have ideas you would like to bounce around. Here's my Linkedin! https://www.linkedin.com/in/greenjcb/