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EA frontpages should compare/contrast with other movements

I wouldn’t call these biases. I was a typical lefty before I joined EA but when I learned about economic history and microeconomics I heavily updated towards what you call “capitalist mode of production”. In hindsight, I knew very little about economics and just repeated the same ideas that my leftist friends had. Knowing more has made me better at criticizing certain aspects of capitalism but also more appreciative of others.

The bias, in my opinion, should not be stated as the outcome (“believe in capitalism”) but what directs one to arrive at such a position (e.g. risk aversion wrt to bad publicity, trust in authority etc).

Best Countries during Nuclear War

@luisa_rodriguez on the 80,000 Hours Podcast mentioned Chile because of long shorelines which are good for fishing.

Rob also mentions something about nuclear fallout not spreading easily towards the southern hemisphere.

Terrorism, Tylenol, and dangerous information

IT organizations offer bug bounty programs. Why do governments not offer similar programs to fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited by terrorists?