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Elected board member of EA Austria and currently working for SageWealth, a Berlin-based FinTech startup founded by EAs that is trying to make investing more accessible by building the sustainable investment bank of the future. Co-founder of the EA Graz local group and past organizer at EA Vienna.

I've worked for +10 years as a freelance web developer and recently graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business, Economics and Social Sciences from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. 

One of my areas of interest is finding a solution so that donations to effective charities are tax deductible in Austria.


> And yet, if I had only said, “there is no way that online video will meaningfully contribute to economic growth,” I would have been right.

  • online video conferencing saved parts of the economy from shutdown during COVID. The trend seems somewhat  persistent post-pandemic and may save lots of time commuting/traveling
  • online education has grown enormously but I‘m not sure this would get picked up in GDP numbers. I’m India right now and almost everyone on a commuter train watched a video lecture on their phone. I’ve fixed multiple things in my home thanks to ‚youtube university ’ for which i would have needed to hire a professional otherwise. 

@luisa_rodriguez on the 80,000 Hours Podcast mentioned Chile because of long shorelines which are good for fishing.

Rob also mentions something about nuclear fallout not spreading easily towards the southern hemisphere.

IT organizations offer bug bounty programs. Why do governments not offer similar programs to fix vulnerabilities before they are exploited by terrorists?