Director of Development @ Rethink Priorities
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I work as the Director of Development at Rethink Priorities, where I'm in charge of communication with major donors and some key stakeholders of our work. 

I have a profile here as well: https://app.impactmarkets.io/profile/cllkkvjal0024opgck1wet38k


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Also, we are looking for board members to improve financial and legal oversight of our organization and increase accountability for our leadership: https://careers.rethinkpriorities.org/en/jobs/78036 (apply by Jan 13, 2023)

We have now also published a post about our impact, our strategy and our funding needs for 2023. 
[I work as RP's director of development.]

Very cool, thanks, Austin!
We will publish another post on the Forum with updated funding goals by mid-November at the latest. I'm curious to see how our plans and ambitions might have changed by then. 
[Note: I'm working as Rethink Priorities' Director of Development.]

Maybe Lynette Bye would be interested in doing this type of research (or has already started doing it)?

I've seen Peter, our Co-CEO, highlight Netflix culture as something that inspired him: https://jobs.netflix.com/culture

Yes, we were referring to several instances in which a major grantmaker either gave us only 25% or only 50% of the amount we requested in a specific grant application.
Thanks for helping us clarify!

One thing the EA community can help us with is by encouraging  suitable candidates to apply to our jobs. (New ones will be posted here and announced in our newsletter.) Some of our most recent hires have transitioned from fields which, at first sight, would seem unlikely to produce typical applicants. But we're open to anyone proving us they can do the job during the application process (we do blinded skills assessments). I think we're really not credentialist (i.e. we don't care much about formal degress if people have gained the skills that we're looking for). So whenever you read a job ad and think "Oh, this friend could actually do that job!", do tell them to apply if they're interested.

More importantly, I think EA community builders in all geographies and fields can greatly help us by training people to become good at the type of reasoning that's important in EA jobs. I particularly think of reasoning transparency,  expressing degrees of (un)certainty and clarifying the epistemic status of what you write. Furthermore, probabilistic thinking and  Bayesian updating. Also learning to build models and getting familiar with tools like Guesstimate and Causal. Forecasting also seems to be a valuable skill to train (e.g. on Metaculus). I think EAs anywhere in the world can set up groups where people train such skills together. 

Thanks for considering to support us! 

Basically anyone can donate to the Giving Tuesday fundraiser and participate, but only for US donors it's tax-deductible.

From the EA Giving Tuesday FAQ:
>Donors from a large number of countries are eligible to donate through Facebook and get matched. However, in both 2019 and 2020 most non-U.S. donors faced significantly lower donation limits. We expect the same to be true in 2021. [This year, the donation limit for US donors is USD 20,000.] Additionally, please be aware that donors outside the United States will likely lose out on any tax benefits they’d receive from donating to a nonprofit registered in their own country.

International donors can give to RP through the EA Funds. As a UK donor, your gift is eligible for Gift Aid and would typically be tax-deductible. We explain all of this on our donation page: https://rethinkpriorities.org/donate

Regarding other matching opportunities: Check out https://www.every.org/rethink-priorities. They still seems to have some funds available from their FallGivingChallenge for a 100% match!

We don't regularly run matching campaigns ourselves, but it's not excluded we may  set up one in the course of the next year. 
The best way to stay informed about upcoming opportunities is our newsletter
Your gift is welcome at any time of the year!