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Rethink Priorities 2022 Mid-Year Update: Progress, Plans, Funding

Very cool, thanks, Austin!
We will publish another post on the Forum with updated funding goals by mid-November at the latest. I'm curious to see how our plans and ambitions might have changed by then. 
[Note: I'm working as Rethink Priorities' Director of Development.]

What is the right ratio between mentorship and direct work for senior EAs?

Maybe Lynette Bye would be interested in doing this type of research (or has already started doing it)?

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I've seen Peter, our Co-CEO, highlight Netflix culture as something that inspired him:

5Peter Wildeford8mo
I'd clarify that I was inspired by that particular document - especially for the large employee ownership - but I'm much less inspired by the culture at Netflix as I hear from some employees that it is actually practiced.
Rethink Priorities - 2021 Impact and 2022 Strategy

Yes, we were referring to several instances in which a major grantmaker either gave us only 25% or only 50% of the amount we requested in a specific grant application.
Thanks for helping us clarify!

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One thing the EA community can help us with is by encouraging  suitable candidates to apply to our jobs. (New ones will be posted here and announced in our newsletter.) Some of our most recent hires have transitioned from fields which, at first sight, would seem unlikely to produce typical applicants. But we're open to anyone proving us they can do the job during the application process (we do blinded skills assessments). I think we're really not credentialist (i.e. we don't care much about formal degress if people have gained the skills that we're lo... (read more)

I like this answer. Some additional possible ideas: * Letting us know about or connecting us to stakeholders who could use our work to make better decisions * E.g., philanthropists, policy makers, policy advisers, or think tanks who could make better funding, policy, or research decisions if guided by our published work, by conversations with our researchers, or by future work we might do (partly in light of learning that it could have this additional path to impact) * Letting us know if you have areas of expertise that are relevant to our work and you'd be willing to review draft reports and/or have conversations with us * Letting us know about or connecting us to actors who could likewise provide us with feedback, advice, etc. * Letting us know if there are projects you think it might be very valuable for us to do * We (at least the longtermism department) are already drowning in good project ideas and lacking capacity to do them all, but I think it costs little to hear an additional idea, and it's plausible some would be better than our existing ideas or could be nicely merged with one of our existing ideas. * Testing & building fit for research management * See also Collection of collections of resources relevant to (research) management, mentorship, training, etc. [] * Testing & building fit for ops roles * Donating (In all cases, I mean either doing this thing yourself or encouraging other people to do so.)
We’re Rethink Priorities. Ask us anything!

Thanks for considering to support us! 

Basically anyone can donate to the Giving Tuesday fundraiser and participate, but only for US donors it's tax-deductible.

From the EA Giving Tuesday FAQ:
>Donors from a large number of countries are eligible to donate through Facebook and get matched. However, in both 2019 and 2020 most non-U.S. donors faced significantly lower donation limits. We expect the same to be true in 2021. [This year, the donation limit for US donors is USD 20,000.] Additionally, please be aware that donors outside the United States wil... (read more)