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thank you for such an interesting article. it made me think of some aspects I have considered from the viewpoint of a guy who lives in a Central American country. The world has changed so much since the first and Second World Wars. After such turbulent first half of the XX century the world now looks suspiciously at any attempt to carry out any significant change; any change that may directly affect the established order. After all, the revolutionary movements of the first half brought nothing but pain and suffering. So now it all goes down to deconstruct as much as you want but leave the structure untouched.

There is an image in the writing about people pulling out their credit card and sending money via organizations to help others somewhere else. Do not get me wrong, if there is a margin to help someone it should be done. My question is: Are we to be satified with simply pulling out our credit cards? Would that mean you still need to participate in the very same system that causes such damage and pain so that you can have the money to palliate its negative effects? Do we need to go through this phase first so that later we get to recognize the need to confront the very structure that affects so many lives? Are we trapped in a vicious cycle here?

Many activists in Latin America have been assassinated by hitmen paid by big corporations that only care for their benefits at the expense of nature and wild life, rivers, forests and the like. The system is not ethical. By sorting ourselves out through donations can we be sure we are having an impact not only on those people who would appreciate the helping hand but also on the system that brings so much suffering. Could we do more or not? If not, Are we in the need to leave behind all theories of conflict and face a world in which we tolerate the system?