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Potential EA NYC Coworking Space

I'd be interested in this if I moved to NYC. I'm currently at the very early beginnings of preparing for interviews and I'm not sure where I'll land yet so I won't answer the survey. Definitely a great idea, though. The decently-sized EA community in NYC is one of the reasons it's my top choice for a place to move to.

AGI Safety Fundamentals curriculum and application

I just want to say that this course curriculum is amazing and I really appreciate that you've made it public. I've already gone through about a dozen articles. I'm an ML engineer who wants to learn more about AGI safety, but it's unfortunately not a priority for me at the moment. That said, I will still likely go through the curriculum on my own time, but since I'm focusing on more technical aspects of building ML models at the moment, I won't be applying since I can't strongly commit to the course.  Anyways, again, I appreciate making the curriculum public. As I slowly go through it, I might send some questions for clarification along the way. I hope that's ok. Thanks!

Are there good EA projects for helping with COVID-19?

Reposting what I wrote on Facebook:

Young low-risk adults doing groceries and other errands for high-risk old adults.

I wonder if it is effective and if there is a way to scale it? I talked to one EA from Italy and they said a student union is also doing this there. I am looking into how to accomplish this in Canada.

We could potentially fund an app or something so that anyone who wants to volunteer can quickly take part and accept a request.

The request could be taken via telephone for example and then placed in the app.

Or we create a simple process without any apps. Google sheet?

Dealing with superspreaders: it’s crucial to give guidelines and make sure young people are much less likely to catch the virus than old people. I think this is doable.