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I work primarily on AI Alignment. My main direction at the moment is to accelerate alignment work via language models and interpretability.


I'm working on an ultimate doc on productivity I plan to share and make it easy, specifically for alignment researchers.

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions as I work on it.

Roam Research link for easier time reading.

Google Docs link in case you want to leave comments there.

From what I understand, Amazon does not get a board seat for this investment. Figured that should be highlighted. Seems like Amazon just gets to use Anthropic’s models and maybe make back their investment later on. Am I understanding this correctly? 

As part of the investment, Amazon will take a minority stake in Anthropic. Our corporate governance structure remains unchanged, with the Long Term Benefit Trust continuing to guide Anthropic in accordance with our Responsible Scaling Policy. As outlined in this policy, we will conduct pre-deployment tests of new models to help us manage the risks of increasingly capable AI systems.

I would, however, not downplay their talent density.

Thanks for sharing. I think the above are examples of things people often don't think of when trying new ways to be more productive. Instead, the default is trying out new productivity tools and systems (which might also help!). Environment and being a flux period can totally change your behaviour in the long term; sometimes, it's the only way to create lasting change.

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When I first was looking into being veg^n, I became irritated by the inflated reviews at veg^n restaurants. It didn’t take me long to apply a veg^n tax; I started to assume the restaurant’s food was 1 star below what their average was. Made me more distrustful of veg^ns too.

I think using virtue ethics is the right call here, just be truthful.

Is someone planning on doing an overview post of all the AI Pause discussion? I’m guessing some people would appreciate it if someone took the time to make an unbiased synthesis of the posts and discussions.

Are you or any other EA lawyer still doing this?

Either way, I’m seeking advice to figure out how I can save money on taxes once I move to the UK (I’m from Canada) and receive funding for my independent AI Safety research. I’ll be going to the UK on a Youth Mobility visa. I’m wondering if it’s possible for me to setup something so that I can save tax on ‘business’ expenses (office space, laptop, monitor, etc.).

I’m happy to pay if someone can help with this (otherwise I will reach out to non-EA lawyers).

Would newer people find it valuable to have some kind of 80,000 hours career chatbot that had access to the career guide, podcast notes, EA forum posts, job postings, etc, and then answered career questions? I’m curious if it could be designed to be better than just a raw read of the career guide or at least a useful add-on to the career guide.

Potential features:

  • It could collect your conversation and convert most of it into an application for a (human) 1-on-1 meeting.
  • You could have a speech-to-text option to ramble all the things you’ve been thinking of.
  • ???

If anyone from 80k is reading this, I’d be happy to build this as a paid project.

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