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In January 2022 I realised that my whole career had been dedicated to making the life better for myself and other privileged people. I'd like to contribute to a better world and spend time with likeminded people equipped with a growth mindset.



How others can help me

If you believe I could be useful, don't hesitate to ask for a meeting so we can get to know each other.

How I can help others

I believe I can contribute to more functioning operations, event organising, content creation, community building or educating individuals, groups and institutions how to change their menus for a healthier planet, non human animals and humans.


In relations to EA related content (photography, YouTubevideos, documentary, podcasts, TikTok accounts) what type of projects would you like to see more of?

Hi! Would someone be able to help me with contacts of EA:s that live in Slovenia? There's no EA Slovenia at the moment, but I'd like to connect with likeminded people.

Thank you for joining the conversation Jo. Faunalytics is as far as I know one of the best sources of information regarding this subject.

I agree that the main point is to open the eyes of those that previously were interested in PB eating. Probably "Peter" and his family who are dead set meat eaters wouldn't be interested in free classes about plant based eating since they would see no benefits to it. Hence the idea for monetary rewards. 

I agree that there's probably no inherent value in creating another program for the sake of creating another program. What I'm hoping is to place efforts where they can make the most positive impact. I'd love to know from your perspective, using all your experience in the area- which program(s) do you think have the best effect of transitioning and retaining meat eaters to eat as much plants as possible instead?

Hey Karthik and thank you very much for your response. 

- The exact content of the curriculum should in my opinion be shaped by the most current and relevant information we have at hand about nutrition, behavioural science, psychologists, environmental science etc. I agree with you that facilitating the cooking process will have a relevant role, as the time consumption together with price point seems to act as the biggest friction points for people to eat more plants.

- It's a relevant point but I’m not specialised in how to make sure the education doesn’t end up with participants who are already interested in plant based eating, but I’m sure there are ways. 

- Absolutely, it’s important to keep up to date with how the participants apply the coaching.

- I contact you privately about Animal Charity Evaluators. It was already eye opening to read about some of their previous grantees.

Thank you for your thoughtful comment. 

  1. It's true that it is an implicit assumption that courses will increase plant based eating. That must be tested yes.
  2. As I've held courses about subjects like security and nutrition, I keep noticing that the participants that freely join are not those that need it the most - but, as you say, those who already have an interest for the subject. I feel like you have to "pry" knowledge like this into people that are not genuinely interested in it - by incentivising them. So yes the target audience would not be those who already have a lean towards a PBD.
  3. I'll forward this post to both RECAP and Faunalytics and get their opinion. Indeed I'm now curious what the best proved plant based interventions are.

Hey Karthik. I'm interested in the same subject: spreading the plant based diet. I wrote this article and also linked to yours. Curious about your opinion. Thanks

  • Location: Slovenia
  • Remote: Yes
  • Willing to relocate: No, but willing to travel.
  • What I want to do: EA Meta, Operations, Community Building or Contributing to a sustainable food system.
  • Skills: -Teaching, curriculum creation and behaviour change
    -Event organising & problem solving
    -Connecting people
    -Entrepreneurship (Scored high on Charity Entrepreneurs test)
    -Filming, photographing and movie making
    -Writing articles, newsletters, blogs etc
    -Cooking nutritious and tasty vegan food
  • Résumé/CV/LinkedIn:
  • Email:
  • Available from and until: From the next month more or less, until indefinitely.
  • Notes: I’m 37 and have had successful careers in several different areas but this year I decided that I want to use my efforts for something altruistic, and EA fell in my lap - thankfully. In short, I want to be part of the solution, not the problem. I feel like I can make a big impact one day, but that I first need to learn a lot more and also prove myself to the community. I’m looking for a remote work opportunity (although I’ll happily travel for special events etc), ideally part time, where I get to work with people and solve problems. I’m born in Sweden and live in Slovenia, so EU based. 

    I have a project in mind for contributing to spreading the plant based diet - if you're willing to have a look and give your opinion, it would be very appreciated. E-mail privately for that please.