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    Thanks for your reply! Your attentive attitude motivates me to work on myself and my writing issue ))

    Sharing my experience. Until I changed the mattress to a firmer one and got the right pillow shape and size, I could not solve the problem of back pain. Of course, this issue should have been dealt with earlier, but, you know, better late than never. So I agree with the recommendation of the author of the article to pay attention to what you sleep on. It may take a little research to make the right choice of mattress, but there is no lack of information these days.  For example, this resource helped me understand the topic (this is not a store, but a thematic information resource). If anything, I, by no means deny the importance of regular yoga, jogging, good habits, and generally the healthy lifestyle to maintain back health, but everything should be done in a complex.

    Good recommendation, but not suitable for those who suffer from varicose veins unfortunately 

    Thanks for your reply!  I believe that the lack of confidence in my ability to write goes back to school. I had a good but strict teacher in literature and language. I once wrote an essay expressing my own thoughts on the topic with the utmost honesty. Well, she gave me a low mark. After that incident, all my writings became devoid of any creative component, I wrote what was needed to get a high grade, and not what I thought. 

    PS I'm not a native speaker, so please excuse my broken English

    Thanks!  I'm just thinking about starting my blog, but to be honest, I doubt my writing abilities a bit