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I've spent my life thinking about how love exists in society, mentoring and coaching, community organizing, movement organizing.  

How others can help me

I'm thrilled to discover the EA/Longtermist movement. My old movement died, I'm in need of a new movement. Maybe there's a spot for me.

How I can help others

As I mentioned in one of my comments on this forum, I love generative friendships...friendships that also generate new things in the world. 

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Wonder and The Golden AI Rule

Yes, well if it can solve many of our problems, it will remove the issues that cause us to defend our own against the other...but if we keep being bad, it will make alignment that much harder, so I think we need it before, though whenever it happens is fine. Love your name. 

My notes on: A Very Rational End of the World | Thomas Moynihan

Thanks for this very helpful for a post-religious person like myself.

Should we produce more EA-related documentaries?

I think the world would be very interested in both EA and Longtermism. AI continues to grow in public awareness. A few thoughts from other comments: If a film is well funded so the interview subjects feel they will look good in a good film, there's a high chance of interviewing some big names. There are plenty of documentary crew people always looking for work, what you need most of all is an experienced documentary producer who will know how to line up cast and crew. Often the producing partnership would be an EA person co-producing with a veteran producer, that way you have an EA insider at the top. I think a lot of the concepts in EA and AI and Longtermism really mix well and you could easily cover a lot of it with big names being interviewed and quotes from good books, clips of interesting stuff much of which could be borrowed with permission from other films and news reports. 

And finally, on the question of how much EA/AI/Longtermist should it be? Well that's an easy one, this is EA and if an EA grantor funds it, it should be about what the grantor is meant to give money for...if we're not the one's to do it, who is?   You go with what you know.  EA makes EA films, really what this question is asking is how can EA make a really interesting film? Talented writers and filmmakers can do it if you give them the money.

EA Creatives and Communicators Slack

Hello, I'm Jeffrey. I was an artist, then became a social activist/community organizer who gathered and organized and coached/mentored a lot of artists in Manhattan over 13 years, I'd love to join the slack. Thanks.

The Maker of MIND

Thank you for this story, very revealing. I'll need some time to digest it. Let's hear more. :)

Effective altruism is similar to the AI alignment problem and suffers from the same difficulties [Criticism and Red Teaming Contest entry]

..."Even now there is more art created then I can consume by many orders of magnitude, and it is embarrassing for the creators as well as for me".   ...besides the typo, I don't actually agree with this sentence. For me it would be like saying, "There are too many people I don't know talking to each other"...I was never meant to know everyone, or to hear every conversation. Some art is global, much art is local. Your child's drawing on the refrigerator is what I call "familial art" it's value is mainly to the parents, to them it is precious, to everyone else it just looks like millions of other kid drawings, cute but not remarkable in any way. It's a hyper-local art. Much art is cultural only understood by the people of that culture. Just as that special form of humor you and your best friend have, it's only for the two of you. There can never be enough art to satisfy the human need for beauty, just as there can never be enough human conversations. 

EA-break, EA-slow

Fantastic!  It's well known that saving the world is tiring. 

Effective altruism is similar to the AI alignment problem and suffers from the same difficulties [Criticism and Red Teaming Contest entry]

turchin! You're just killing me with these ideas, I'm absolutely blown away and excited by what I'm reading here. I commented above to Harrison Durland's comment questioning resurrecting Mammoths and already dead human brains??  Is it that if you happened to die before EA/Longtermists develop the tech to preserve your brain for future re-animation then your just screwed out of being in on the future?  Or from an idea I developed in one of my stories for a different purpose - what if every single movement on the earth created waves which emanated outward into space, every motion, every sound, every word uttered, and even every brain wave...and it is an indelible set of waves forever expanding outwardly...and we develop a reader...and then a player...we could watch scenes of everything that ever happened. Eventually we could reconstruct every brain wave so we could rebuild and then re-animate all humans who ever lived.  Wow. Is this the resurrection? Is this the merging of science and religion, atheism and spirituality?

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Working (15+ years of experience)