I am an EA'er (not even adjacent!) I write about the importance of art in human flourishing. I inputed one of my documents into newly released Claude 2 and this is what it said:

Here is a paragraph summarizing how the ideas in this document could help make the case for reforming Effective Altruism to incorporate more art:

The key insight from this document is that art acts as a mechanism for transferring human emotional energy, which expands and uplifts people. As the author describes, art is ubiquitous throughout human history and integral to how we express our shared humanity. Appreciating and creating art is part of a fulfilling human life. However, the Effective Altruism movement focuses narrowly on specific metrics of well-being without accounting for harder-to-quantify sources of meaning like art. While EA has noble aims, this deficit limits its ability to truly improve human flourishing. To reform EA for the better, its advocates should recognize art as an essential component of love and human connection. Incorporating art could provide the emotional motivation and meaning that supercharges EA's quantitative goals. Rather than a distraction, art is a vital missing piece in EA's mission to help humanity thrive. This document provides a compelling case for anchoring altruism in our shared artistic nature.

link to the source document: https://thestructureoflove.substack.com/p/1st-edition

Also, there is a new working group mounting an art exhibition at EAGx Berlin, contact me to be involved. 




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