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Open Thread #39

Greetings Do-gooders,

I'm wondering if this is an appropriate place to ask for college advice. I read Doing Good Better and 80000 hours, and am interested in joining the movement but haven't finished college. I have an associate's degree (from a community college) but I'm having a hard time deciding on a major/school.

I struggle with math and am unsure I'd be able to complete a math-intensive major. 80000 hours advises alternatively majoring in a liberal art or business. I'm trying to decide between studying a liberal art (e.g. political science) at my state's flagship school or business/accounting at a less-selective school (I couldn't get into flagship business school, but I could study business/accounting as an "individualized major" outside their business program (with some classes in the business school), there's also a marketing major and economics major outside the business school).

Any advice anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated.