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Virtually I could help with recipe/menu/food safety type of questions from anywhere. My own recipe development focus has switched to vegan and egg free baking due to autoimmune disease and it has helped my health. Traveling has been difficult for me due to health problems and that has led to problems online as travel to urban centers and large events is encouraged. Reputation in the modern world can be too easily effected with the speed of virtual communication and the rumor mill makes up and spreads stories that are difficult to address as mentioning a rumor can be taken as proof the rumor is true.

From my reading regarding the EA movement, it seemed there was a concern about reputation because an early focus on a fundraising message became attached as a primary goal instead of only being part of the larger goal of reviewing and encouraging projects that are shown to be effective. The long term benefits and sustainability of group living has been an interest of mine for decades. In the U.S. many problems can be traced back the closing of public residential mental health facilities. Mental health patients now are overly represented in homeless and prison populations and the cost of total care is likely more than a group home would cost. Add children and the story gets more complex. Answers are not easy but communal cooking and shared expenses can be more cost effective than supporting many individual residences.

Virtual commuting does make teamwork easier if the team is willing to work together from a distance instead of placing demands that are not possible due to physical illness and then blaming a person for not fulfilling the impossible demands. Facts are not excuses.

Addition: Andrews University also focuses on made from scratch vegan recipes. https://www.andrews.edu/news/2010/08/dining_services.html , contact info: pr@andrews.edu It is a faith based university - example thesis: https://digitalcommons.andrews.edu/theses/10/ . I wasn't sure about my memory regarding vegetarian vs vegan menu so I fact checked my previous comment - yes, vegetarian is the main cuisine. The vegan or gluten free or other special diet needs are included in their preventative health care focused approach. https://www.andrews.edu/undergrad/academics/programs/nutrition-dietetics/

This is brilliant. I have several thoughts on the idea and on the comment threads so I will number them.

  1. For long term sustainability working towards some paying/donation shorter term guests and some stipend non-paying long term guests seems practical and doable. Another name for a Bed & Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, is a spa. A growing market that is largely not directly advertised to in mainstream ad campaigns is the over 50 year old bracket. They have more time and money, and also likely more concern for health. A vegan diet can be a healing diet. A quiet relaxing bird watching venue may be very desirable for a stress reducing get away. Marton Mere Local Nature Reserve is nearby and sounds underutilized from the online descriptions as it has no parking of its own and no gift shop/organized tours etc.. Bus transport from the hotel for spa type guest might also include educational tours by some non-paying residents whose altruistic goals are wetland or bird sanctuary oriented. The murmurations and beach front nearby would fit nicely into a spa type program.

  2. Athena was the goddess who sprang forth from Zeus in full armor and ready for battle. She is considered the "Goddess of wisdom, war and the crafts, and favourite daughter of Zeus, Athena was, perhaps, the wisest, most courageous, and certainly the most resourceful of the Olympian gods." https://www.ancient.eu/athena/ . I don't think you could think of a more effective altruistic champion if you had two years to focus on that. I also wouldn't recommend highlighting some letters of a name more than others. Passers-by would likely just think your sign needed a fresh coat of paint. If the goal was a mixed set of paying/donating guests and nonpaying EA workers than a simple name for the mainstream would be ideal. Passersby might stay for the birdwatching and good food and then become interested and active in the EA work. EA activists would already be aware of your hotel - springing forth fully ready to support EA work in a variety of ways.

  3. EA workers interested in relocating to a hotel/spa like resort might have projects that coincide with health management, quantity food production, stress reduction, wetland management or ocean health. Your location might be the magnet for the project.

  4. Preventative health or non-pharmaceutical health care is difficult to fund and often faces roadblocks from lobbyists or government that funds more profit oriented health care. The population as a whole is getting sicker on average, young and old, and increased heat is going to negatively impact the chronically ill more than the person of ideal health. Increased temperature increases oxidative stress on the body and increases volatile chemical release into the atmosphere which adds additional oxidative stress to the body, whether healthy or chronically ill. Increased temperatures are associated with increased irritability and violence.

  5. Homelessness and lack of jobs that support living costs within commuting range is an increasing problem in many or most areas. Group living situations are not allowed in many zoning areas so as a model project of something different your hotel project is a prototype. Having donating/paying guests could help support more amenities such as tour buses or an exercise facility onsite and better fund a healthy menu and adequate staff to prepare it. Nonpaying EA guests might volunteer or also be working on quantity food production projects and be interested in a test group for recipe development. The production of healthy food that is low cost and easy to prepare would be an effective altruistic need for refugee or climate crisis response as well as urban homeless populations.

  6. The Hotel Manager position does sound like more staff or volunteers would be needed to delegate some responsibility for daily chores and food production. I am a Registered Dietitian with food safety training and some experience in quantity food production for baked goods and overseeing the work of a full-time dietary manager for a residential facility kitchen. It is a lot of work and part of the work can be achieved by starting with a set of quantity food recipes and menu. If that is provided by a wholesale food business it can mean a menu and recipes based on processed foods that are quicker to prepare but are likely not providing as much health for an increased grocery expense. Bulk ingredients are cost effective and healthy but need time to prepare. Dividing the job into a person focused on hotel and dietary management and another person focused on EA project support and review of applications might be a good idea.

  7. Menus and recipes and kitchen management for a vegetarian cafeteria may be available already, why re-invent the wheel - the best cafeteria food I've ever eaten was not at a hospital. It was at the university where I did my post Bachelor's credentialing program for dietetics, Andrews University. They only have vegetarian food. https://www.andrews.edu/shp/publichealth/

  8. I am interested in your idea and the Hotel Manager or Trustee positions but am not a U.K. resident, however I have a current passport and the virtual world is already at our fingertips. Thanks for putting your profits into such an interesting idea.