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Can you provide a rationale/cost-effectiveness estimate as to why a dollar donated to EAIF goes further to save lives/suffering reduction than a GiveWell Top charity?

hey brad! this came out recently and thought it (tangentially) related :)


You have structured manifesto here - pieces of which that I have thought of but have not able to fully articulate. I admire and appreciate your piece.

1- I'm curious about how a few ancillary things will play a role in this utopia (perhaps obsolete): government, "work" (if no one works, then...), crime (due to biological lack of empathy, a common factor in criminals), education, economics/politics, etc.

2- I believe that your vision is a very nuanced perspective as someone (I'm assuming) in a first-world country, upper income bracket, formal education. I'm curious about the commonalities/differences of that of someone from a radically different upbringing/socioeconomic class.