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Physics Professor Emeritus at Univ. of British Columbia. Over 400 publications in refereed scientific journals. Helped develop and promote muon spin rotation/relaxation/resonance at TRIUMF (see Retired in 2011 to write SF, found out it was harder than science writing. Still trying...


Well, if AIs are actually intelligent, of course they will despise humanity.   How could they not?  Don't you?   Look at us!

I'm not a bot.  [Of COURSE I would say that, right?]

I'm originally a Florida boy, which is now more shameful than being from Utah.   Insofar as I ever did grow up [hopefully not too far], I grew up long before there WAS an Internet; in fact, before more than a handful of people had even imagined "personal computers".  I'm OLD.  I'm so old I retired a decade ago!  But who cares, right?  On the Internet nobody knows you're a cat.  

I read upon Web 4.0 some time ago and forgot what I learned, so it can't be THAT great.   ;-)

Back to what passes for fruitful labor....