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Physics Professor Emeritus at Univ. of British Columbia. Over 400 publications in refereed scientific journals. Helped develop and promote muon spin rotation/relaxation/resonance at TRIUMF (see Retired in 2011 to write SF, found out it was harder than science writing. Still trying...


AI Risk is like Terminator; Stop Saying it's Not

Well, if AIs are actually intelligent, of course they will despise humanity.   How could they not?  Don't you?   Look at us!

World Climate Legionnaires

I'm not a bot.  [Of COURSE I would say that, right?]

I'm originally a Florida boy, which is now more shameful than being from Utah.   Insofar as I ever did grow up [hopefully not too far], I grew up long before there WAS an Internet; in fact, before more than a handful of people had even imagined "personal computers".  I'm OLD.  I'm so old I retired a decade ago!  But who cares, right?  On the Internet nobody knows you're a cat.  

I read upon Web 4.0 some time ago and forgot what I learned, so it can't be THAT great.   ;-)

Back to what passes for fruitful labor....