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Team, noticed in your blog your disappointment on space governance proposals. Would like to connect to understand deficiencies and see if we can help. Our foundation has been working with anothe foundation for months about space governance and has even partnered with the Paris Peace Forum to either prepare grants or regrant initiatives.

Is there any way I can connect with someone to further discuss ?



If this has been already answered, please let me know.  I am interested in connecting to understand the next generation of requests.  As I continue to read about the current process and some of the comments, I am leading to believe that if there is a next round, we would like to have some input from a wholesale strategic approach.  We found out about the FTX Fund after it closed and when I went to meet others in the segment that we work on what they submitted, everyone had about the same thing.... meaning that FTX Fund could be a coordinating agency to bring multiple people thinking the same thing together.  I can only assume you are doing this now, but we would love to participate in a more standardized approach.  How do we connect with you to about this and discuss further?