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Answer by JideSep 14, 202317

I'd love an episode on s-risks (although I'm not sure who would be best to invite on).

Answer by JideMar 26, 202210

I've heard that there could be a trade-off between robust info security measures and hiring top talent for AI research. (I think the reasoning was something like: If state of the art AI research is a seller’s market and improving info security is inconvenient, some employees may be unwilling to comply with these measures and just take their talent elsewhere.) How accurate is this in your experience?

Answer by JideNov 07, 202140

I'm wondering if it would be useful to track data on national legislatures (or maybe just heads of state) worldwide? This could include:

  • Demographic information on politicians around the world (ie. educational backgrounds, political orientations, religious identities, genders, races, ages)
  • The electoral history of politicians around the world
  • If possible, the voting history of politicians (or legislatures as a whole) on cause areas relevant to EA

I'm not sure how feasible this is, but I imagine it could help EAs think more concretely about where they're likely to find support for different advocacy efforts.