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It depends on target audience. I guess that beside DGB it will be also The Precipice (both DGB and The Precipice have Czech translations), Human Compatible, Superintelligence, maybe even Scout Mindset or Rationality from AI to Zombies.

We do not have recordings, and all talks were given in czech language so even if we would have recordings they would not be very useful ;-).

Hi Saulius. CZEA retreat organizer here.

Thank you for this report.

We did "concept explaining somewhat differently:

  • a) people could fill out form w/ list of concepts they can/want explain several days earlier. They also had links to recommended articles for many of concepts offered.
  • b) during activity we projected on a screen list of groups (~3 people learning, one teaching) and what is their concept for this session.
  • c) after 15 minutes we hit the gong and projected list of new groups with new topics.

It seems to me that Circling and Hamming circles need the people to feel close and trusting each other. We thought about doing Hamming circles on Saturday evening but decided to do something else because the atmosphere was not right. How well it worked for you?

Thanks. How is it licensed? Under what conditions is it possible to share copies or translate (parts of) it?