JJ Balisan

Hi! I’m JJ. I help run EA Swarthmore’s Fellowship, Tech and Communications. I’m currently really interested in AI Safety Research and am currently working on an honors thesis in that area. I am really interested in interdisciplinary research and community building and read a veracious amount in Music, Computer Science, economics and more. I am a current senior at Swarthmore Double Majoring in Cognitive Science and Applied Math. In my spare time, I spent a large part of my time involved doing music from running the Student Radio Station WSRN.

I hope to spend the next few years building the Black EA Community and can be reached at jj@easwarthmore.com


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Concerns with ACE's Recent Behavior

Correct: Effective Animal Advocacy, probably a bit too intra-group jargon to not define or at least link to an explanation. ACE was originally called Effective Animal Activism.

How many EAs are there?

One of the first places you might want to look is at the work of David Moss at Rethink Priorities and the EA Survey: https://www.rethinkpriorities.org/publications#easurvey