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I am 86 year old. A grand father of 6 children (youngest 2, eldest 25)

Born and grew up in Budapest, Hungary. Live in England since 1956.

I think parents an grandparents need to think seriously about the state of the world we are leaving to our descendants.

Hence my interest in this project with emphasis on Effective Altruism.

How others can help me

I am looking for opportunities to be advised by professional  systems thinkers (I struggle to learn to use analytical philosophy in order to practice Root Cause Analysis to understand societal problems, and Critical path analysis to do something about those problems... I have some amateurish essays relating to this struggle at https://goodworld.lightnet.co.uk/  ).

How I can help others

I can organise small informal face2face discussion/seminar meetings in London: https://www.meetup.com/goodworldmovement/ 


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Charitable and other private efforts are essential to alleviate immediate suffering.

However, I support GiveDirectly because they are also gathering data about the positive effects of giving cash to people instead of goods and services decided by donors. 
That data then can be used as convincing evidence to governments everywhere to institute Universal Basic Income to replace the current inefficient and demeaning welfare models.

This would eliminate the need for a charity industry that, in effect, leaves in place a socioeconomic system designed to extract surplus wealth and direct it towards the top decile of a population.

Linch, I am interested in your use of "first-principle thinking". 

So I vote "Agree", yes it would be helpful to see your article.

Personally, I am sceptical of all fields that go under the heading of Social Science (a long story... I, also, would need some encouragement to write :-). 

Hello everyone,

I am Janos, a newbie member of two days.  Originally from Hungary but have been living in London since late 1950's.

Interested in systemic reform of the current version of "capitalism" which is not capitalism as Adam Smith taught us.

I consider Effective Altruism as an immediate response to current suffering, like a First Aid service. But it has to run in parallel with effective efforts to transform a structurally faulty global system. 

As I see that problem, it is based on a bad economic model which is structured to extract the wealth created socially, and transfer it to the top percentile of a population.


I have a self-taught economist's detailed view of the "nuts'n'bolts analysis of the problem...