Joana Prêza Andrade

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Good morning!

Going through the site and the forum, I haven't been able to find posts or job listings on the topic of cultural goods conservation and protection. First of all, please let me know if I didn't actually look right.

I believe it's an important subject for human kind, because cultural heritage is the world history footprint. Within cultural heritage I see as most pressing the physical objects - art, etnographics, rare books and documents, etc.  They belong to all of humanity, it's our history made physical. Can you imagine the world whithout Mona Lisa, the Taj Mahal or the Pyramides? 

I also believe that it's an urgent matter to protect these goods in conflict areas so they can survive and be traced later on. Inventory and catalogue procedures, art and historical studies, saving art from war damage, building Conservation and Restoration programs to extend the existence of those invaluable goods... they seem very valuable and altruistic jobs.

Therefore, I suggest a topic about conservation and protection of Cultural Heritage - if there isn't one already. 


Thank you!