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Nice post! Can we have the answers for the conditional reasoning test?

Haven't watched it yet, but perhaps we should be cautious calling some arguments "heuristics", and some "logical arguments". I think the distinction isn't completely clear, and some arguments for AI extinction risk could be considered heuristics.

I finished my Physiotherapy degree a few months ago, and am currently looking for a physiotherapy job to earn some money and have time to think about my career. I'm still leaning towards bioinformatics, or perhaps something else such as economics, software engineering or data science.

I agree that it would be possible for the harms of factory farming to be outweighed by the factors you have mentioned. However, I would be hesitant to strongly believe this without extensive justification. Back of the envelope calculations could be flawed due to bias, incomplete information, setting a bad precedent, flow-on effects, reputational damage, etc. 

Another point is that reduced opposition to factory farming could prolong a situation which is both bad for farm animals and probably a suboptimal solution to the problems you have raised (ASRS, wild animal welfare). For example, factory farming might slow the development of more advanced/resilient foods. It could be best to pursue optimal solutions to each problem.

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I'm probably being overly simplistic here, but I think that opposing excessive coercion and gratuitous suffering (rights violations in other words) is very important from a prudent utilitarian perspective. Some may argue that this approach doesn't apply as much to animals, but perhaps it should as the world becomes less speciesist.

Answer by Joe91May 24, 20235

I think this website is a good source of evidence based vegan diet information, and it has some recipes too: https://www.scepticaldoctor.com/

If you're still interested in this, I found another extensive article about vegan protein: https://mynutritionscience.com/plantbasedprotein/

I think it's probably best to avoid listening to "celebrity doctors" and documentaries. This blog provides some good evidence based advice for vegan nutrition IMO:


Good article about protein here: https://www.scepticaldoctor.com/articles/protein-above-rda

I think you're right that consultancy for EAs could be a good idea.  However I'm not particularly enthusiastic about ergonomics and posture, because I've yet to see strong evidence they prevent pain. Other lines of evidence also suggest that traditional physiotherapy beliefs about back pain and other pain may be misguided.

I think  cardiovascular risk factor reduction (obesity, low physical activity) and proven injury prevention programs such as the FIFA11+ for soccer would be more effective, but less relevant to EAs.

The Medical Mysteries Investigator sounds interesting, and I will keep an eye out for similar jobs.

Thanks very much for your advice!

That's a good idea. I think I would have a low chance of getting the coaching since I don't really have any typical high impact skills, but I think it would be worth a shot.

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