Joey Carol

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Hello! I am Joey Carol, a first-year at Haverford College just outside of Philadelphia, and I am most definitely interested in participating to create an EA documentary! 

While I am not working on any documentaries at the moment, I developed a sincere passion for the art and received a solid exposure to the production of documentaries and mini-films during high school. In 8th and 11th grade I produced documentaries for the annual National History Day competition. Additionally, I created several short films and even had some exposure to animation while I was in high school.

After completing the intro EA fellowship last semester I was looking for ways to continue interacting with the EA community. While producing a film was at the top of my list, I do not currently have the resources to do so. Instead, I am now part of the EA leadership group on campus, but I would still really like to do filmmaking if possible!

My email is jcarol@haverford.edu. Please reach out if you'd like! Thanks for posting.