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Hey! I want to speak up!!! :)

Well, perhaps I can say that speaking up on my recent EA accomplishments and inspire others to speak up, too - will be on top of my list. I have been reading articles and following Gleb 's threads, and this one encourages me to finally share the simple ways that I believe worth sharing.

As a person, I love helping people in a very simple way. Part of my summer activities, is always making sure that I find myself in the "Tahanang Walang Hagdan" or if I may translate it in English - "A House Without Stairs". This organization helps people who cannot walk or in a wheelchair. As part of my advocacy to help these people, I helped organized a Fun Run and proceeds will go to the Tahanang Walang Hagdan Foundation . After the Fun Run, participants are entertained with people with disabilities, thanking them for their help.

Next month, I am looking forward to renew my Eagle adaption at the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

All these simple things are actually making a big difference, not only to the people I get it touch with, but also within me. :)