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Shamelessly copy the success of StitchFix but use it for the food industry but only sending information, not the actual food. 

I've thought about this one a lot so I'll try my best to summarize this:
Cook. Eat. Rate. Repeat. A 

The foundation would have data scientists/engineers behind the scenes that help customers find their perfect recipes via information and testing. The foundation would eventually then expand into eating out at sustainable restaurants based off feedback from the customer, then merging into community vertical farming which moves into individual household vertical farming. 

The company Yummly is pretty close to this but isn't quite there yet and are expanding in the wrong direction imo. 

Revamping the food industry to where we are not dependent on grocery stores' supply chains and instead growing it downstairs inside our own homes and creating absolutely delicious recipes from around the world is massive, healthy impact. Something the US could benefit from easily. It's only a matter of time where every individual will have to (mostly) live off the land in their backyard again in my opinion and to curb that catastrophe, we create FoodieFix.