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Hi! I won't be able this summer, is this likely to be run next year as well?

Thank you Kevin, I wasn't aware of that document, that's really helpful!

Brilliant, thanks so much Michael!


We'll be holding rounds of "introduction to EA" talks in Sweden this summer. Does anyone know if there are scripts and/or slides (in English, or alternatively in Swedish, if available) that have already been developed that we could go off of? And is there someone here with experience with giving introductory talks that would be willing to give some tips and pointers? Would be super appreciated!

Is that article now published somewhere or are you still working on it?

Thanks for a great summary Aaron, much appreciated! Will you continue to summarise EA-relevant books? My book list is too long for comfort!

I think you might've meant Olle Häggström as opposed to Göran Hägglund ;)