Building a global platform, potentialisation, to help people understand themselves, grow and connect effectively. I have been a software engineer / architect for over 30 years. Six months ago i took an opportunity to start using my software skills for my real passion - understanding and growing on a large scale.


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Open Thread: June 2021


having been passionate about the bigger picture for many years I discovered EA maybe five years ago.  I attended a handful of events in Manchester and I was curious why something like Positive Psychology etc was not a core part of EA.  After all, many of humanities problems are caused by humanity and can only be solved by humanity.  

Six months ago I started work creating what I hope will be a global platform, there is a brief intro at, to help people understand themselves and others better, learn and grow using that understanding and connect with other people more effectively - whether it be people round the corner to create a craft group because they are lonely or to connect with other would be global solution architects and supporters from around the globe that they have synergy with :-)

Hopefully the system help a few people be better in ways that give humanity a bit more chance of navigating the next few decades more successfully, or at the least be a bit less miserable as we head toward self destruction :-)