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Where are you donating in 2020 and why?

To me, an automated  monthly payment from your credit card or bank order  makes sense. What are the arguments for an annual donation?

Where are you donating in 2020 and why?

I continued my regular contribution to MIRI. Their approach to openness does make me wonder if they are being effective, but their regular updates, publications on some of their research, and support from people who are in the know suggests that they continue to do a good job. 

I also give to a program for autistic youth. Less effective, no doubt, but fuzzies are worth something too.

[Open Thread] What virtual events are you hosting that you'd like to open to the EA Forum-reading public?

There is a calendar of events here.

Does anyone know how I can add my event "Option Value in Effective Altruism: Worldwide Online Meetup" (April 13, 16:00 UTC) to this calendar?

What Should the Average EA Do About AI Alignment?

Outreach can be valuable, although it is rare to have high-value opportunities. If you can publish, lecture or talk 1-on-1 with highly relevant audiences, then you may sway the Zeitgeist a little and so contribute towards getting donors or researchers on board.

Relevant audiences include:

  • tech moguls and other potential big donors; people who may have the potential to become or at influence those moguls.

  • researchers in relevant areas such as game theory; smart people in elite educational tracks who may have the potential to become or influence such researchers.

I am Nate Soares, AMA!
  1. What are your plans for taking MIRI to the next level? What is the next level?

  2. Now that MIRI is focused on math research (a good move) and not on outreach, there is less of a role for volunteers and supporters. With the donation from Elon Musk, some of which will presumably get to MIRI, the marginal value of small donations has gone down. How do you plan to keep your supporters engaged and donating? (The alternative, which is perhaps feasible, could be for MIRI to be an independent research institution, without a lot of public engagement, funded by a few big donors.)