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I'm a Masters degree student and in my spare time I like volunteering especially for community social work with the homeless. I heard about EA after reading the book Doing Good Better which I got from one of my supervisors when I volunteered last year (2022).


This was an interesting video, many important points made in an entertaining manner.

Though I don't strongly agree with all the points mentioned but I agree that 
The precipice > what we owe the future 
(but they are both great books nonetheless)

Great resources, thanks for sharing this. I personally find Fiverr very helpful especially for mundane tasks. Saves me a lot of time that would have been wasted on a low impact activity

Hmmm. This looks promising and if it actually works out it I think might actually fix many of the EA criticisms.

I've been trudging through the criticism posts and comments of late, interesting no one else seems to have mentioned a DAO as a possible solution even though it appears to be the perfect solution. Guess it could be worth a try. Waiting for your next update...

Comparing the "consciousness" of LLMs and AI models with the consciousness of living organisms feels to me almost like comparing apples to oranges.

Yet  I'm of the opinion that the process in which living brains manifest consciousness may not be all that different from the process that LLMs use, just translated into its biochemical near-equivalent.

However I'm 100% confident that LLMs and other AI (now or in the future) can never be conscious of the world in the same way that living organisms are conscious (or not conscious).

This is because there is something in living things that is missing and can never be found in LLMs and AI. That is the soul / spirit which is what brings about that consciousness and life that living organisms have. (Don't quote me on this though because, of course, I can not prove it LOL.)

However, at some point LLMs (or AIs) will be able to perfectly simulate human-like consciousness that it would become nearly impossible to tell that they are really not conscious or sentient (if GPT-3 is like this, imagine what GPT-50 would be like!!!)

But they will never have the same kind of consciousness as even the lowest of living organisms.

Unless a way to give them a spirit or a soul is discovered.

Thanks for this, I searched and found it (its actually a group and not a page). But I can't help but  wonder what would happen if for some (inexplicable) reason facebook decides to shutdown the group. Yes, it happens.

The people that need these things are not all here. I would suggest you  consider posting this in other EA communities like the facebook groups and see if you can get more opinions. In my opinion, such website does not necessarily need to have thousands of users to be highly effective. One does not need to have "critical mass" in the common sense of the word in relationship to large scales. If a handful of people per week regularly use and routinely find solutions from such a "marketplace", it can still be said to be effective because with every connection made and solution found via the platform, many hours will be saved (time that would have been spent looking for and screening various providers if there was no marketplace like this).

This was reallyhelpful. I've been hoping to read the book as soon as I can lay my hands on a copy. Your article was very helpful, but now I want, more than ever, to read the full book lol

Oh my gosh, this is so heartbreaking. I never knew about the Syria  situation, thanks for sharing this. Unfortunately I'm unable to donate but I will definitely share this among my network. 

A very well written piece. 

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