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I started Good Impressions, which helps effective nonprofits and foundations scale using paid ads and SEO.


Just a quick thank you to the FTX team for working so hard at such a difficult task!

Hi there - I wanted to offer to be another person for you to talk to if you've already spoken to all the other nice people that have left comments. I'm no expert, but I will listen! (You can message me on here)

$4 per graduated EA fellow is absolutely incredible!  

If anyone knows someone at CEA who would be interested in hearing about this please reach out. 

For me, the takeaway is that the actual cost of generating interest in EA (Brian's $4 cost per graduated EA fellow from below) is significantly below our little group's estimates of what an engaged EA is worth ($3K -$30K as noted above).

I think everyone would agree an engaged EA is worth more than $4. 

If someone is reading this who would know how to scale FB ads for EA university fellowships that seems like an extremely high impact thing to do. 

I have domain expertise in digital marketing and would love to help EA organizations. I'm not qualified to weigh in on the questions of messaging or how far-reaching the campaign should be, but once those things are figured out I can tell you the best way to use YouTube and Google Search to accomplish your goals. 

Agreed - I am guessing it would be incredibly cost-effective. I'm hoping to test this with a few student groups this upcoming fall, we'll see if it works. 

Possibly the 1 minute video would be better than the 6 second. The good news is it's easily testable :)

Unfortunately the $40K/month program has been deprecated, but thanks for sharing!

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