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Hi Lizka, I've clarified at the top of the application form that it is for both the 2023 and 2024 programs. Thanks for your comment!


I wholeheartedly agree with the key statement and goals of this post, thank you for writing this up!

One thing I think could be really useful to see (perhaps for this post, or perhaps this is coming in a future post?) would be even just a simple sample M&E system with a Theory of Change, a Framework, and Evaluation questions for a particular project. It could make it easier to understand at a glance what the type of thing is that it would be great for a project or org to have and a sample template could easily be copied and adapted by readers in 80/20 fashion.

I'm looking forward to the next post(s?).


Hi there, thanks for your question! As Talent Systems Specialist, I'm happy to answer them:

  1. The main benefit will be going through the earlier stages sooner. Acceptance letters will be sent out by mid-May at the latest, but earlier for people who make it to the final stages sooner (i.e., apply earlier and send in their test tasks etc. earlier).  I can't say anything more precise than that as the total time we need to process all candidates through the entire application round will still depend largely on how many applications we get and how high the quality of the pool is - this varies from round to round from ~700-3000 initial applications.
  2. This is correct - we always recruit for two program rounds during each application round (so there is some flexibility for candidates and for us to recommend a particular program cohort and cause area combination to each future incubatee). We are usually looking for cohorts between 8-20 people (ideally 14-16) and have already accepted 3, so there are between 5 and 17 spots left for the July/August 2023 cohort and 8-20 for Feburary/March 2024. However, if we find someone who we think is a great fit and their test tasks and interviews are really exciting, we will never not accept them. Amazing founders are our bottleneck!

Would love to see you put in an application if you're interested! 

All the best,


This is so great to see, both the intervention, progress to date, and your future plans. The post was very engaging to read as well. Thank you for this, Joy & Anita!


EA has a high deference culture compared to the epistemic norms it claims to adhere to = compared to the standards it aspires and claims to follow, I'd say. This can be true independently of the difference with other groups of people that you described (which I think is also a true description).


Well, shoot, guess it's time to rebrand!