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Wang Junshi is a statistics student. He has been focused on mathematical statistics(statistical learning, statistical inference, causal inference,) and is currently enthusiastically learning about AI safety(Reinforcement learning, active learning, inverse reinforcement learning). He is passionate about academic research and is looking for a gap year research opportunity about inverse reinforcement learning in 2023. He has strong sense of social responsibility and is ready to commit and serve.

How others can help me

1. Talk about/Advice on how to choose my academic career path(I am graduating and want to apply for PhD and pursue a professorship in the future) 2. Get insights on the recent developments of AI Safety and relevant significant subfields 3. Find a potential supervisor for PhD study/gap year or build such connection

How I can help others

1. China related issues: I was born in Shanghai and am studying in Hong Kong. I might be able to help if you are interested in China AI/policy. 2. Statistics related: I am still an undergraduate student, but I have conducted a year-long research project at HKU on semi-supervised learning and a summer research project at Cambridge on causal inference. If you have interest in statistics, feel free to talk to me~ 3. CS and Econ: I have some experience in forecasting(a semester-long project), global priorities research(EAEcon Retreat). And I am reading papers + attending workshops lately on rewarding learning and Trustful AI.


Thanks EAecon for organizing the retreat! It provided me with a brilliant opportunity to connect with people from different background(ug, pg, working), to share our concerns and to gain advice. Most important, learn about the on-going projects related to GPR. And extra thanks for being so considerate, making the event easily accessible even I twisted my ankle. Hope this initiative can benefit more people!