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Do you think OP should have  a disclaimer about this incident in perpetuity?

 If not, it's been 15 years. When do you propose the cutoff would be?

Given how much “cheaper” it is to move things over sea than land, you might be on to something. Cheaper is even more important in a post-catastrophe world.

Competencies like astral navigation and manual fixes are under-invested in by the US Navy so I wonder if you’re even over-estimating the starting point, which would make this work more important.

The Navy has "command climate" surveys that are mostly "independent" of the current officers-in-charge.  A poor showing on such a survey resulted in the removal of a captain I know ;).

Hah perhaps I'll get around to it. In this post, I wrote very, very briefly about some other observations, particularly around standards and talent acquisition. 

The Navy/military is very unique because you can go long periods of time of sleeping at work. For months up to nearly a year, you'll be sleeping in the same space as you work. You're with your coworkers 24/7, working 7 days a week.

Perhaps I think too fondly of this. But if you are going after an opportunity worth billions of dollars ("earning to give" ;) ) or working directly to save millions/billions of (future) lives, isn't that fervor actually rational? After all, there are professionals in the military that work with such mania to prevent nuclear war. 

You may find it interesting that in the military being a flag officer's  assistant is a very high prestige gig and reserved for top performers. But there isn't an "executive assistant" career track so a person does this role for 2-3 years then rotates back to day-to-day operations.

For a given rank, compensation does not vary between roles in the military so perhaps the "clout" associated with being an assistant makes up for this. 

Same thing with being a law clerk in the field of law.

Yes, the context/task switching! Very under-explored in my post and can make things difficult. 

Great to hear you have things that off-set the stress.

I didn’t realize this was going on—I gotta check these forums more often! I love the transparency provided in your reflections here.

Along what dimensions, if any, have we not progressed or even regressed in the past 100 years?