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Open Thread #38

Hi All,

I wanted to make a post about this but I just signed up so unfortunately do not have the reputation needed yet. So if anyone finds this worthy enough for a post, you are welcome to make one.

In short I think it would be beneficial for EA to get its own Stack Exchange and we can make this happen by casting a vote on the existing proposal:


The longer argument for this:

If you have done anything related to programming you are probably familiar with stack exchange. It is a community website where peers can answer each others questions, these answers and questions can be voted on. This format might sound very familiar to this forum and reddit (which also has a quality EA page) However I think it would be valuable for EA to get its own stack exchange page for the following reasons:

  • It has a format that makes it easy to ask short questions and preserves common general questions (this forum and reddit seem more suited for lengthy discussions)
  • Older questions are easily found on Stack exchange, also search engines list them quiet well
  • Stack exchange has a huge community, EA could get some free promotion by having its own stack exchange page
  • EA organisation sites have good FAQ's about general things for newcomers but imo there is nothing compared to crowd sourced FAQ for which stack exchange has the ideal format

I hope you found this convincing and we will soon give birth to the EA Stack Exchange page.