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Thanks so much for your response!  This is excellent feedback and we’re grateful for the interest.  

1.  IQ loss: We did go to the experts to estimate based on actual numbers, so we’re reasonably confident about this.  And even if it were out by 50 percent, the results are still strong.  

2.  Income loss by IQ has been a moving target in the literature.  It could be at that lower end -- we used a mid-point of studies.  Again, even if we are out by half, the results are positive.  

3.  Replicability is certainly an issue.  We do know that turmeric is used throughout the country anecdotally, and that other sources of lead are important in Bangladesh (aluminum pots, contaminated sites, perhaps fish). Additionally, we know that no other interventions have been undertaken - expect for a small site clean up that will not impact nationally.  We’re happy to report that the government is very engaged and committed, and have asked WB for their support for these other sources. These conditions might be less available in other countries, including Central Asia, India (northern states), Balkans (some) Middle East (some), and North Africa.  Not all countries have the issue, but many do.  So, yes, viability of replication of this solution will be mixed. On the plus side, a similar intervention in Georgia had the same rapid result, and without a large expense. With that, we hope to continue to repeat the success.

All, please do send more thoughts and comments!  We’re new to this kind of assessment, and need your feedback!


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