Kate Tran

🎯 Open for Operations /BizDev
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Working (0-5 years experience)
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I’m passionate about supporting work in AI Research, Climate Change, GPR, and GHD. To help develop these areas, I’m seeking roles in Operations and BizDev as I believe my experience and value alignment will bring a direct impact to longtermism.
5 years of experience in business analytics, digital marketing, and hotel operations by helping orgs accelerate product growth through market research, user engagement analysis, and system building. My superpower is my global-mindedness. My multi-national background spans Vietnam, Ukraine, Russia, and the US, and it has rendered me culturally knowledgeable, quick to adapt to new environments, and a creative problem-solving approach.

  • I’m the San Francisco part-time event organizer and community builder
  • I’m the Giving What We Can pledge member and their event planner volunteer for GWWC Meetups

How others can help me

I'd love to be connected wit people who are in Operations, Products, and Leadership roles.
I'm always interested in discussions about consciousness and neuroscience

How I can help others

I'm passionate about adding value and helping people to have a more positive impact in whatever they are doing. Please contact me if you think I can be helpful! 

I'm resourceful with tips for EA community building and event organizing, especially interested in brainstorming new project ideas, reliable as an accountability partner, helpful in providing emotional/mental support. People tend to reach out to me for honest advice, feedback, and positive criticism on their next "crazy thing" on the list.


Thank you, Peter, there seems to be promising hope for longtermism from RP.
It's unfortunate that due to this collapse, longtermism projects have been affected majorly and I worry that the damage from FTX may cause additional neglectedness or potential skepticism in future funding from interested parties. My speculation is that a large group of orgs will likely to pause funding on longtermism and focus more on how to strategically build credibility and trust in order to raise more support from external funders, at least for the upcoming 6 months.

This is the very beginning of forward leading in  crisis, and individually, I appreciate the transparent communication in clarification of RP's current situation and strategies for the short term plan. Especially glad to be reassured that the current team is not affected by layoffs/cutdown in salaries. Though,  I'm curios to know if this mean there will be potential on-going hiring freeze for certain positions? If so, which roles are to be expected  on pause at RP's, or generally, in other longtermism-focused orgs in the Bay Area?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this. It's such an uncertain time and I want to express my sympathy to you and the FTX's team. 

With all the above discussion,  make me wonder the following things:
- how other EA orgs that were mainly funded by FTX will operate and what are ways to help those that affected severely in this situation?
- how the hiring opportunities may be affected? is there expected a hiring freeze from most EA-orgs? 
- what are the next best strategies when it comes to funding diversity and the future of EA overall

In my view, it's essential that orgs that were involved with FTX funding should communicate clear about their next strategies and be honest about their concerns regardless of the FTX outcome in the upcoming weeks/months. I worry less about the reputation/prestige and care much more about promising projects that were funded that may be put in very struggling financial positions leading to  lot's of harm to both human and non-humans well being. 

Thanks for writing this post, I find it helpful to learn how operations is applicable in several scenarios which made me realized that my previous experience working as a sales and reservations coordinator/front desk customer representative  in hotel/travel business were  very operations-focused from both customer and production stand point.