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Hello -- just catching up with this post, and signed up to ask a question:


Is there a reason that the framework for discussing using safe UV light in 2024 does not prominently concern reducing the death toll in residential nursing care and rehabilitation facilities?  Most people dying of Covid these days are over 75 and unable to do without caregivers, and a very large proportion are unable to mask -- certainly not 24/7 in their care residences.  Their care-givers often can't mask either and be understood and effective in delivering care to older people.   I would think that if we knew of some other sector where 50,000 deaths were occurring each year because of Covid and flu that we be urgently looking to disinfect the air there -- in those relevant spaces.  I thought I read somewhere that UV light is already used in homeless shelters, and has been for years.  What's the difference?

Thanks if you have a moment to answer.