Kayode Adekoya

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An economist and entrepreneur with wealth of experience in management, operations, research, business development & marketing, fundraising and communication across for- profit ,nonprofit and effective altruism community activities for many years

An altruist and animal advocate with the passion and drive to partner EA community movement and make the world a better and safer place for human , nonhuman and plant to live in.

Fellow , EA Virtual introductory Program,2022. Fellow , Animal Advocacy Career,introductory course (AAC),2022 Student ,In-dept EA VP,2022.

Volunteer Lagos ,Nigeria

volunteer with humane league

Volunteer with The Humane League’s Fast Action Network(FAN)

Volunteer with Mercy for Animals

Volunteer with Impactcolabs

Volunteer with Allfed

volunteers with Animal Advocacy Africa(AAA)

working daily to improve my career path tremendously in effective altruism for longtermism �


1.Animal welfare in Nigeria

2.Climate change in Nigeria/west Africa effects and longtermism --------------in View


Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Remote: Yes

Willing to relocate: Yes

Experience with EA: researching (quantitative and qualitative research skills - experimental design, data collation and analysis, technical writing) etc,operations,campaigns ,communication and volunteering

Roles :Generalist ,research , Operations, communications , also open to a lot of other roles .

Skills: An economist,entrepreneur and generalist of over seventeen years wealth of experience, spanning finance , research ,management and operations.Very creative , pragmatic and multitasking with high level of professionalism , business and organizational development acumen and good communication skills

Résumé : https://www.dropbox.com/s/o0ymtvioncxbrxw/EAResume22W(2N).pdf?dl=0

Email: olukoyaolukayode7477@gmail.com

Availability: Anytime - Part-time and Full-time

This is an excellent red teaming work ! Kudos!!

This piece "imposition syndrome " is so deep ,revealing and educative and honing my career path development for impact. Thank you

Wooowwww!_ This is great, I can't wait to be part of a great team and make the world a better place Kudos Lizka

These are very deep thoughts emanating from a very practical and pragmatic point of views about the world at large and her numerous challenges vis-à-vis mans approach in trying to solve and surmount these problems and more IMPORTANTLY THE NEED TO BE ALTRUISTIC in nature and imbibe the culture of giving,and philanthropical in nature by ALL OF US,as the essayist has shown the enormity of the world problems and the need for more and more hands on deck to be able to help solve these problems, also not just throwing money at it but the commitment to show engagement ,involvement and interaction in making the world a better place is key to us,the world and our psychological wellbeing. EA is the way to go for the survival of the world and piece in our time by individual contributions and collaborative support together high impact is achieved