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There's a subreddit:

I think the comments aren't exactly what you'd get on this forum but some of them are helpful and accurate.

The EA subreddit is getting more participation from critics and/or people understandably upset about FTX. This is resulting in some low quality posts hitting the frontpage of the subreddit, since it's so small and not very active.

I used to donate monthly instead of at the end of the year. I eventually decided there were advantages to donating at the end of the year* , though there may be ways to seek both benefits like donating a small portion monthly to get the good good feelings more often.

* orgs have a more complete picture of their funding need, donation matching opportunities, maybe you'd benefit from something like donating stock which may have some overhead you don't want to repeat, you have the most information available, evaluators have put out their new recommendations, ...

Answer by KevinONov 09, 202220

The Effective Institutions Project might count as this. There may be more relevant projects, depending on what counts - like the Simon Institute for Longterm Governance, the Center for Election Science.

The kinds of things filed under "Broad Longtermism", perhaps.

Maybe work on impact markets and prediction markets.
(For some reason I didn't fully read acylhalide's answer and I see that I listed some of the same things.)

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