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If EA is no longer funding constrained, why should *I* give?

I know that professional grant makers think that last-dollar funding is not cost effective because they aren't funding more projects, but aren't out of dollars.

None of our big donors were intending to spend all of their funding before now. It's taken Open Phil years to grow their capacity and increase their giving in line with their standards of diligence. They intend to spend down their funds, I believe, within the lifetime of their funders.

If EA is no longer funding constrained, why should *I* give?

With respect to the last dollar of funding: I think Open Philanthropy expects to spend their last dollar on something more cost-effective than GiveDirectly. So I think the last dollar of spending will still look good, and at the worst case your spending now will move some other funding to something somewhat less effective but still pretty good down the line.

Another potential advantage for an individual donor would be identifying something not currently receiving large amounts of funding that you think is worth taking a bet on. That would give the initiative more time to demonstrate it's value and to gather information on how well it's achieving its goals (or it could be funding an individual to grow their skills or something).

We've also seen Will write that the FTX Future Fund rejected 95% of their applicants, so it's not the case that there's a money firehose that everyone has access to. Plenty of people are, presumably, open to working on new projects given funding.

Yitz's Shortform

Sounds like an ugh field. Spencer Greenberg also had a podcast episode on motivation recently, including backchaining to your ultimate motivations through a series of "why" questions in order to access more motivating feelings. 

My random advice would be to book a friend or maybe some EA whose done it before to walk you through the process and provide their flight-booking wisdom (a pretense or useful or both) like "you have to pay for a checked bag both ways so maybe it's better to upgrade to the seat with a free checked bag".

Rough attempt to profile charities which support Ukrainian war relief in terms of their cost-effectiveness.

I appreciate that I can donate to Polish Centre for International Aid via their Facebook fundraiser for Ukraine, instead of having to figure out crypto.

EA outreach to high school competitors

Just to note these:

- Outreach to high schoolers has been tried in the form of Students for High Impact Charity. Their postmortem is here 

- I think I recall that one of the EA funds (longterm or meta) funded a project to give top math competitors copies of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality. I'm not sure whether any retrospective for that effort is available.

Where should I donate?

How does one donate to the Effective Institutions Project?

Great post William, thanks!

KevinO's Shortform

Get $50 to donate to charity at 2pm EST/11am PST (Nov 18) at the following url:

Sleep: effective ways to improve it

I appreciate this writeup! Some of the interventions and insights were new to me even after attempting my own research in to improving sleep quality.

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