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Where should I donate?

How does one donate to the Effective Institutions Project?

Great post William, thanks!

KevinO's Shortform

Get $50 to donate to charity at 2pm EST/11am PST (Nov 18) at the following url:

Sleep: effective ways to improve it

I appreciate this writeup! Some of the interventions and insights were new to me even after attempting my own research in to improving sleep quality.

List of EA funding opportunities

Adjacent opportunity: grants from Scott Alexander / Astral Codex Ten 

Also the adjacent Emergent Ventures grants 

Buck's Shortform

For what it's worth, I think it makes sense to stop pledging if that would allow you to do more good.

Buck's Shortform

From "Clarifying the Giving What We Can pledge" in 2017 (

How permanent is the Pledge? 

The Pledge is a promise, or oath, to be made seriously and with every expectation of keeping it. But if someone finds that they can no longer keep the Pledge (for instance due to serious unforeseen circumstances), then they can simply contact us, discuss the matter if need be, and cease to be a member. They can of course rejoin later if they renew their commitment.

Some of us find the analogy of marriage a helpful one: you make a promise with firm intent, you make life plans based on it, you structure things so that it’s difficult to back out of, and you commit your future self to doing something even if you don’t feel like it at the time. But at the same time, there’s a chance that things will change so drastically that you will break this tie.

Breaking the Pledge is not something to be done for reasons of convenience, or simply because you think your life would be better if you had more money. But we believe there are two kinds of situations where it’s acceptable to withdraw from the Pledge.

One situation is when it would impose extreme costs for you. If you find yourself in hardship and don’t have any way to donate what you committed to while maintaining a reasonable quality of life for yourself and your dependants, this is a good reason to withdraw your Pledge. (Note that during unemployment you donate only 1% of spending money, as described under “Circumstances that change the Pledge” below.)

The other is when you find that you have an option to do more good. For example, imagine you pledged and are now deciding whether to found a nonprofit (which will take all your financial resources) or keep your “day job” in order to be able to donate 10%. If you have good reason to believe that the nonprofit will do significantly more good than the donations, that founding the nonprofit is not compatible with donating 10% of your income, and that you would not be able to make up the gap in donations within a couple of years, withdrawing your Pledge would be a reasonable thing to do. 

The spirit of the Pledge is not to stop you from doing more good, and is not to lead you to ruin. If you find that it’s doing either of these things, you should probably break the Pledge.

We understand that some people have a very strong definition of “pledge” as meaning something that must not be broken under any circumstances. If this is your sense of the word, and you wouldn’t want to take a pledge if there were any chance of you being unable to keep it, you might find that Try Giving on an ongoing basis is a better fit for you.

Make a $100 donation into $200 (or more)

Edit: just refer to this list of orgs

+ see the  Founder's Pledge funds that Michael shared 

Here's the subset of longtermist and infrastructure orgs I was able to find on the site:

- Founder's Pledge (also their funds that Michael links in another comment)

- Future of Life Institute
- The Center for Human-Compatible AI

- Legal Priorities Project

- Nuclear Threat Initiative

- Machine Intelligence Research Institute

- Rethink Charity

- Rethink Priorities

- Centre For Effective Altruism

- Center for Election Science

- Generation Pledge

- Center for Applied Rationality


How do you track your donations?

If it's possible to share I don't know how. I suspect not. It does have a summary chart that you could screenshot every once and a while: "You have donated $X  and fulfilled Y% of your pledge", for one each year and one for all time.

How do you track your donations?

I use the Giving What We Can pledge tracker. If you take the 'Try Giving' option you might be able to access it:

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