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Epistemic status: this is a quickly drafted and incomplete list. This is not wisdom.


What am I missing from this list of organizations and options relevant to job-seekers?


Career/Jobs Organizations
80,000 Hours
Animal Advocacy Careers
High Impact Professionals

High Impact Recruitment
EA Opportunities
EA Pathfinder
Pineapple Operations
Probably Good
Training for Good

Nonlinear advises for AI safety careers in technical, governance, or meta

(don’t forget to actually talk to the orgs who offer advising or other services)

Facebook groups (such as effective altruism job postings) - there are a number of industry or location oriented groups as well. See this effective altruism groups directory - or this list of online groups, some of which are profession oriented


EA Global events are very much networking events and, I suspect, partially job fairs.

Don’t forget about high-impact jobs outside of explicitly-EA orgs.

80,000 Hours may have a big list of unexplored, potentially high-impact paths but I couldn't find it in a quick search.

I’ve probably got a huge blindspot around options for students and academics so those are largely missing from this list. Scholarships for students?

Make your own job:

  • apply for a grant (big list here, or FTX Future Fund or a regranter, community building grants from the Centre for Effective Altruism, and likely more)
  • start your own charity/organization/enterprise (e.g. with Charity Entrepreneurship, or on your own)
  • start a startup and earn to give
  • start an impact-focused for-profit company

(Considerations apply when starting your own project, such as: downside risk, but also the risk of being ambitious enough)


Make someone else’s job:

  • earn to give some other way
  • or save for your future self to put time towards impact


Win your job retrospectively:

  • prizes
  • impact markets / impact certificates


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Oct 12, 2022


The Job listing (open) page could also be relevant, as well as Take action.


Oct 17, 2022


The EA Newsletter highlights certain job postings, prizes, etc


Apr 04, 2023

20 - certain career path building - AGI, alt proteins, biorisk


Oct 17, 2022


Bonus, from the EA Newsletter: If you’re interested in policy or global development, you may also want to check Tom Wein’s list of social purpose job boards.


Oct 12, 2022


Local or online groups may have career workshops or 1-1s available with people who could offer advice.

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