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I really appreciate what you said about the community health team. I reported what I viewed as serious misconduct that they had jurisdiction over, and very little was done about it. 

I trusted them based on what I understood to be their reputation. So it really broke me when, despite them saying they took my allegation seriously, they did not treat it as if they took it seriously. Their non-response was a massive contributor to what were some of the worst months of my life. I am still recovering.

That's not to say anyone should completely write them off based on my account. I'm posting this anonymously with no details, and so there is absolutely no reason to trust my account of things. There is no reason to believe that I am perceiving the situation accurately/reasonably. 

One piece of detail I'll provide is that the nature of the misconduct involved repeated threats.

But I do wish people trusted them less. I think it could have saved me a lot of pain if I knew going in that they had a mixed reputation. If I had gone in with some uncertainty about how much I should have relied on them. I could have set better expectations.