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Yes, the first-order effect makes sense. I am worried about the second-order effects.

Assuming that a cow is kept alive usually for 6 calvings, the cow would have produced 3 male and 3 female calves. If sex-sorted semen is used, the cow will now produce 6 female calves, i.e. (10x + y quantum of suffering units)*6 per cow per 10 years that is inseminated with sex-sorted semen.

The ripple effects of that would only produce more and more suffering (at an exponential scale), assuming that all of the female calves that are born via sex-sorted semen will again be inseminated with sex-sorted semen.

Also, can you please clarify your calculation wherein you arrive at y/15.

I would like to know if there are additional links to the animal research coordination and systematisation topic, like there is for the first 4 animal charity ideas. If there are, could you please share those links here.

Something like a report would be most useful.