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Good Advice, I have been checking the spam, and the confirmation didn't go there when it was sent originally but I have been checking just in case.  The difficult part is there is no way to re-email, the submission was done via a google form that has a no reply  email...  We don't expect feedback but would like to close the chapter on the submission so to speak.  I have been reading the comments and assumed rejections were sent to others, so was wondering where ours may be.  Thank you for the advice all the same. 

Hi! Thank you for the detailed update, it is very helpful.  Quick question, if an application was submitted to the Open Call, with confirmation and there has not been any communication at this point, has the application been denied? Thank you for any further clarification you can give.

We were very excited about this new opportunity! Just checking in to see how/when the results would be communicated. We have our confirmation email with summary but haven't had any results yet.  Would an update on the progress of the submissions be possible? Thank you!